Monday, 13 April 2015

ANEL & The English Club

Hello everybody

The ANEL is looking for english students representatives.

Sam is going to be one of them and he'd like to talk about the ANEL and about things students would like to see change (it can be as trivial as the number of chairs in the cafeteria or the price of the coffee) with anyone interested.

If you want to be an english student representative or feel like you want to tell Uncle Sam about what you'd like to see change, then contact him.

Here is a message from Sam :

There are three topics that will be discussed on wednesday at the ANEL meeting :

- « Action-café »
Discussion au sujet d’un projet de distribution de cafés gratuits pour protester contre l’augmentation des prix à la cafétéria

- Campagne pour l’initiative sur les bourses d’études

- Evènements organisés par l’ANEL
    -Apéritif de bienvenue aux nouveaux étudiants
    -Autres évènements

I will be following the comment section and take note of the students eventual ideas. I will also write a text to resume what was said and what decision were taken after the meeting.

We will post Sam's text here after the meeting, in the meantime if you want to attend the ANEL meeting or share your thoughts with Sam before the meeting you are more than welcome to contact him in the comments or to email him at

The English Club

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