Friday, 8 May 2015

Pub Night | May 2015

Hello Everybody,

As promised in the last article here are the info for the next event.

It will be a Pub Night that will take place at the Café du Cerf on the 20th of May from 6pm (happy 1/2 hour from 6.30 to 7 !)

It will be a casual night together at the pub where we'll have the opportunity to meet and talk whilst enjoying a few pints of beer and/or cider.

As the pub wants the night to be as good as possible for us as well as for them, it'd be great if you could RSVP (that way they know how much beer to have at the ready (and tables, and staff, ...)) using the nifty little gadget below :

We have been told that first year BA students have the practical language exam from 6 to 8... You are more than welcome to join us after the exam for a well deserved night out !

We hope that many of you will make it :)

The English Club

We were planning on having a Pub Quiz but due to lack of time it sadly won't be possible, however it does remain on the agenda for next semester and know that the Café du Cerf does pub quiz every Tuesday night !

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